April 27 2013 - HP Z210 Bios settings - save settings for replicated setup from/to USB drive.

April 27 2013. Two HP Z210 Xeon boxes, PXE booting SmartOS off the Ubuntu Lenovo Ideacentre (middle), running Project FiFo.

In both Z210 systems I have two additional Intel NIC cards, one 1Gb and one 10Gb (CX4 copper, 2 ports).  
They are PXE booted off one NIC and use a point-to-point CX4 10Gb copper link between them for moving data. 
They support two internal HDD, so my zpools are mirrored.
The Z210 small-form-factor hardware is reasonably portable, low power draw, and runs in my home office behind a DD-wrt router.

This is going into production as a dedicated build farm, for the TraDES executables, with about 20 VMs (mostly 32 and 64 bit linux variants, illumos, FreeBSD, GitLab, etc) once deployed.

Dec 23 2014.  SDC Home installation.

So after over a year of sitting in boxes after I moved, I never did finish the build farm on FiFO.
Since SDC was open-sourced, and since I needed more disk space, I acquired a Lenovo D20 Thinkstation, upgraded it and
set up a new dd-wrt router with vlans. In this config, the D20 is the headnode and the Z210s are compute nodes.
Config information for the D20 is updated on the SmartOS Wiki Works For Me page under the cwvhogue section.
DD-WRT router config is here.